Why Trumpism is, Precisely Speaking, Pretty Darn Satanic

Understanding the Biblical figure of Satan helps us effectively oppose abusive manipulation built on slander

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Slander is at the heart of satanic influence and power

So how can we carefully identify the nature of satanic manipulation, at least as Christians traditionally understand it? A good place to start is the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4. Here’s the passage in the NIV:

The Slanderer manipulates our fear of deprivation, and embeds slander in false premises

With this understanding of the Slanderer in hand, let’s look at the temptation in the desert again. The Slanderer (diabolos) manipulates logic and scripture while appealing to the desire for safety from hunger and physical harm.

Satan promises political power that isn’t ultimately his

The next section of temptation account is important because it reinforces the political nature of our text, even as it is often applied to argue against Christian political engagement:

Community Organizer. Enemy Lover. Pastor. Practices honest, serious, loving and fun discourse. (Yes, still just practicing.) Author of According to Folly, etc.

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